The craft. The feel in your hand.  That new shiny look and oil that comes across your fingers as you hold a gun for the first time -right out of the box.  When all the memories of shooting bowling pins out back till the sun went down as a kid come rushing back.  It is all of those things that you find sewn in throughout the make-up that is, The .45 Shop.  

Our founder, Tim Miller, set out to create a brand focused on what we believe matters most: high quality, rare, hard-to-find inventory, with honest pricing and an unbeatable customer experience.

Online and in our shop, we’re committed to providing a unique and streamlined buying experience to gun enthusiasts, law enforcement and military personnel alike. We set out to bring values of integrity, service and knowledge, when we noticed a lack of shops willing and able to serve the needs of their customers, a missing human touch in the firearm business. We are on a mission to provide our customers with an enjoyable, honest service by satisfying individual customers firearm, ammunition and tactical needs with quality products in a name you can trust. It’s been our passion for over 30 years and it’s what we’re still doing today.

At The .45 Shop, we’re not just committed to firearms. We recognize our responsibility to the community - Every day and with every sale, we focus on your safety. Providing guns and ammunition at fair prices while instilling the confidence in firearm knowledge, practices & operational skills to our customers. Our commitment to you is how we do business every day.

Next time you are in our neck of the woods - come on in and say hello!